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Credit Information
Chairman: Hu Bingfei
Since: 1994
Registered Capital: 500USD$
Business License: 3205842142912
Registered City: Wujiang
Nature: Private
Wujiang Dongheng Textile Co.,Ltd. is located in as the "sunrise 10,000, and clothing the world," the famous Silk Township - Shengze Town. Is a collection product development, production entities trade enterprises. The company has Toyota 230-jet looms, Water Jet Loom, Dobby a total of more than 300 looms. Operating and sales of various Nisi Fang, Tasi Long, Oxford cloth series, Jinmian, Cotton / Polyamide Union, polyester-cotton cloth, Jindi Fang, Chun Yafang, Huayao, satin, satin, satin Mianrong, jeanette, Japan Cashmere, suede, Shui Xirong, Cardan cashmere, gabardine, the Spring and Autumn Ding, Qiao Qi, Xue Fang, Jin Yinsi, Olivia yarn, Terri Wong, head yarn, Luan Ma, Ma and file section, Gaussian Po, Cation, flashing light reflective fabric, silk fabrics conductive metal wire, special-Menfu fabrics, all kinds of Weitan / Simian Dan fabrics, all kinds of plain / denim and polyester fabrics, jacquard cloth, and the continued development of innovative new products; Products Exported to Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Russia, Australia, Japan, Korea, Africa and other countries.
Credit Information
Legal representative: Mr. Hu Bingfei
Year of eastablishment: 1994
Oganization type: Private
Business scope: Manufacturer
Number of staff: 200
Registered place: Wujiang
Registered capital: 500USD$
Annual turnover:
Products exported to:
Brands: ,,
Main customer: ,,
Export percent: 65 %
Wujiang Dongheng Textile Co.,Ltd. Telephone: 0086-512-63083888,13706251671 Fax: 0086-512-63081879,63088889